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The benefits of UGAL

The benefits of a web application

Develop your business, UGAL takes care of the rest

A web application is an application that you use over the internet with a web browser. There is no software to download and install and you do not have to worry about updates.

UGAL is very simple to use. You do not need to know anything about web technologies to create and update your website.

Your data is safe and secure

Your data is stored on servers owned and maintained by UGAL. It is duplicated in real time and backed up every night. Our servers are located in a state-of-the-art highly secure datacenter.

You can work from any computer

At home, at the office, from an internet cafe, or even from your mobile phone. UGAL is available from anywhere. Just login and start working on your website: review your orders, create a new page, change your pricing etc...

Your software is always up to date

Updates to UGAL are free and become automatically available to your website. Your website is always using the latest version of UGAL.

From from any computer.

Windows? Mac ? Linux? It does not matter, since you don't have anything to install.

A turnkey solution

UGAL handles all the technical aspects of your website: domain name, email, hosting with no limitations, search engine optimization. You can concentrate on what matters the most: the content of your website.

A flexible solution

You can change your plan at any time. Changes are instant. And because you are never limited by the number of pages, your website can easily grow with your business.

No commitment

UGAL does not require long terms agreements or commitments. You can cancel your website at anytime, online from your dashboard.

No hidden fees

UGAL has 3 turnkey plans. There are no setup fees, no limits in the number of pages your can create and no cancellation fee.


Our website is made with UGAL. Our data is stored on the same servers your data is. We use UGAL every day for our own website. We believe that it is the best way to understand the needs of our customers.

We are here to help

UGAL is not a large corporation with hundreds of thousands of customers. We are a small business, just like you. When you contact us, a human replies quickly and provides the help you need. Try us at

Create a website

Try UGAL for free for 30 days

No commitment, no credit card required

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