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Unlimited HTML newsletters

November 18, 2013


A few days ago, we deployed on our servers one of the most important feature of the last few years: unlimited HTML newsletters. Yes, unlimited and HTML :-)

Send HTML newsletters

Newsletters are a very important because they are so efficient at broadcasting your message to your website audience (prospects, customers, fans, members...). That's why UGAL has had the feature for a pretty long time and why we are so happy to finally be able to support HTML newsletters.

The benefits of sending newsletters from your website

Text only newsletters meant that our clients had to use an external solution like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp or Mailjet to send out HTML newsletters. Meaning not only an extra sending cost (that grows with your subscriber base), but technical challenges with keeping your lists clean and synchronized between UGAL (where subscritpions are taken) and the external service used to send out the newsletters (where unsubscriptions are recorded).

Merging the two tools just make sense: the extra cost for sending newsletters is gone and you do not have to worry about lists synchronizations anymore.

HTML newsletter setup

Send an HTML newsletter with UGAL

As of today, UGAL supports the following newsletter features:

  • Newsletter lists management: as many lists as you want, with the option to auto populate lists based on the origin of the subscriber.
  • Unlimited newsletters, available in three different formats: text (works everywhere), simple HTML (simple formatting and links) and full HTML (for complete control over the newsletter design).
  • One click unsubscribe for the recipients of your newsletter.
  • Reporting on delivrability, unsubscribe and complain rates for all formats. Reporting on open and click rates for both HTML formats.

HTML newsletter reporting

Complete newsletter reporting

A competitive advantage

Few website solutions offer free unlimited HTML newsletters. Some charge based on the volume of sent emails, while most offer list synchronization with the leading email service providers. Because newsletters are an essential tool for every website, it made sense for us to include them with your website plan.

The goal of a newsletter is to reach the inbox, be read, open and clicked. Each step has its own set of challenges, and the technical solutions we implemented all have that goal in mind. We hope (and think) that you will be happy with the results.

And we are not done

Creating full HTML newsletters with UGAL still requires some technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. We are working on removing this barrier of entry, and the next release will support templates to help you create beautifully HTML newsletters.

In the mean time, and for more elaborated templates, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you create and optimize HTML newsletter templates, making sure that your newsletter works for a variety of email clients, including the mobile ones!

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