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Text Editor update

March 26, 2014


UGAL's text editor was just updated to use the latest version of tinyMCE, 4.0.20. We were a bit behind with upgrading and this new version of our text editor brings a number of improvement and bug fixes.

Text editor update

UGAL's new text editor

What has changed?


The first change that you will notice is a new, more modern interface for the text editor. We hope that you will like its simplicity and efficiency.


The text editor is now based on tinyMCE version 4, which is a complete rewrite from the version 3 we were based on before. The major version change in tinyMCE meant that we had to rewrite or remove our custom plugins. We chose to rewrite the image plugin (it allows for direct images uploads) and to retire the map plugin (it was not used much and better results can be obtained by embedding a Google maps from the media plugin).

Better performance, less bugs

The overall performance of the text editor has improved and you should encounter less bugs. Users of Google chrome will not experience those annoying <span> tags that used to be added all over the place when editing a page.

Writting a text editor for the web in Javascript is far from an easy task. To get an idea of the amount of work that timyMCE puts in the projet, have a look at their impressive change log and the number of bug fixed. Once more, thank you tinyMCE for maintaining such an awesome open source project.

tinyMCE logo

Please report any issue you might encounter with the new text editor at

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