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Stripe, finally !

March 24, 2015


We are very happy to announce that the payment platform Stripe is now available for all UGAL e-commerce websites.

Stripe logo

Stripe is a great choice for your e-commerce website because it allows your customers to pay for their orders without leaving your website and with the confidence that their credit card data is kept secure.

On-site payments, the secure way

At the end of the checkout process, your customer clicks the "Pay by credit card" button. Stripe then displays on your website an overlay window with a very simple credit card form :

On-site Stripe payment form.

Stripe greatly simplifies the checkout process with an optimized credit card form. The fact that there is no redirect to a third party payment platform will lower your shopping cart abandonment rate too.

The credit card data is then sent to Stripe's servers, and once Stripe has validated it, UGAL receives a token that is used later to capture the charge. The token is only valid once and is only valid for the amount is was issued for.

This process is the extremely secure for your customers : their actual credit card information is not sent to your website, and since everything happens over secure https connections, the data cannot be intercepted while exchanged between Stripe and your website.

Transaction fees

Stripe fees are very clear : 2.9% + 30c per succesfull charge, without monthly fees. As well, Stripe will return the fee if you refund a transaction.

UGAL does not charge per transaction fee, and any of our e-commerce website can use Stripe at no extra cost.

Starting with Stripe

Stripe is fully integrated with your website, for the orders your customer create and for the admin orders you create in your dashboard. Refunds issued from the Stripe dashboard are displayed in your store dashboard.

Adding credit card payments with Stripe on your website is a matter of 3 steps:

  1. Create an account with Stripe.
  2. Retrieve and enter your Stripe credentials on your website dashboard.
  3. Configure your Stripe account to send refund data to your website.

The setup process is documented in our support section.

Interfacing UGAL's e-commerce solution with Stripe is a big step forward for us. It was long overdue and we have been very impressed with Stripe so far. Stripe's approach to credit card payments is very refreshing, and we are convinced that you will feel the same once you start using their dashboard to manage your transactions.

Go ahead, give Stripe a try and let us know how it works out !

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