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Orders and customer accounts

February 20, 2014


Good news for the e-commerce websites created with UGAL: UGAL was just updated with new order and customer account features.

Your account page with order history

Account page with order history

Order URL

Each order placed on your website now has its own URL. You can communicate the order URL to your customers so that they can review their order online. The URL can as well be included in the order confirmation message automatically sent to your customers, using the {orderUrl} variable. Note that this URL is available even for customers who did not open an account on your website.

Customer accounts

We are introducing with this update the /u URL as a shortcut to the new customer account page. You can use it to create a link the a "My Account" page by simply using the URL

From the My Account page, your customers can update their profile and review their entire order history, as shown on the screenshot above.

Clicking an order ID brings the users to the order URL page.

Order management

The order management tools available to website administrators have been updated too:

Update order ship to information

  • The order detail page now shows a link to the public order URL.
  • You can update the order contact, shipping address and delivery information.
  • The order detail page shows a link to the corresponding user account, and the user account page has a new tab displaying the list of orders for this user.

We hope that you will like those changes. Send us your feedback and ideas for more improvements!

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