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Newsletter module updates

September 12, 2013


UGAL newsletter moduleWe are happy to announce that our newsletter module (available to Business and E-commerce plans) was just updated. The newsletter module now supports lists management, subscriber history and newsletter history.

More changes to the newsletter module are coming soon, help us out and give us your feedback !

Newsletter lists

You can now create an unlimited number of lists and assign your subscribers to one of more lists. Segmenting your subscribers in lists allows you to send them more targeted emails.

Newsletter list management

Newsletter lists management

Click the "Manage lists" link from the subscriber list page to access this new tool.

Newsletter and subscriber history

For each newsletter you send, you have now access to a reporting interface showing email events in chronological order. On top of the sending activity (email queued then sent), bounces (hard and soft), unsubscribes and complains (spam reports) are reported. In the next iteration of the newsletter, coming soon, open and click events will be reported here too.

Newsletter send history

UGAL shows if the email was sent to the recipient or if issues were encountered.

Subscriber status

The subscriber management interface has been revised too. First, if you use newsletter lists, you can associate each subscriber to one or more lists.

Depending on the feedback UGAL received for the subscriber after a newsletter is sent, the subscriber status is automatically changed to one of the following:

  • Subscribed - the newsletter was sent, no further event occured.
  • Unsubscribed - the subscriber has indicated that he does not to receive your newsletter anymore.
  • Soft bounced - the email was not accepeted, usually for temporary reasons like a full mailbox
  • Hard bounced - the email was not accepeted, usually for invalid adresses
  • Complained - the recipient has reported your email as spam.

Once a subscriber is not "Subscribed" anymore, we will not send him other newsletters. Making sure that you keep a clean subscriber list by not sending emails to bad addresses or to people who do not wish to receive them is key in maintaining a good delivery rate.

Let us know at if you have any questions or ideas for improving the newsletter module. We are working on many more changes for the newsletter module, your feedback helps us decide which features would be useful.

Enjoy !

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