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New admin interfaces

September 29, 2014


We are very happy to launch today a redesign of the admin interfaces you use to manage the content of your website. During the 8 years UGAL has been around, our various interfaces evolved in different directions and it was time to consolidate them all under the same design. Be ready next time you login to your website : it looks different !

UGAL admin bar

Here is what is new.

A new admin bar

The admin bar (displayed on top of your pages once you are logged in your website) has been updated : it uses less vertical space and drop down menus allow to access the most used features directly, saving you a few clicks.

Say hello to modules

We now call "modules" what we used to call "pages". It is a small change, but we believe that it helps better understand the modular aspect of UGAL and draws a clearer line between the module (product catalog) and its content (product pages).

Add a module to your website

Admin views for all

Admin views are now available for all type of modules (products, news, projects, events and FAQs), making it much easier to manage the module content. Admins views list all existing items in the module and you can retrieve items by filtering the list by keyword or by item status. Once you update an item from the admin view, you will be redirected back to it.

Admin view for all type of content

To access the admin view of a module, either follow the contextual link in the admin bar, or append /a at the end of the module URL (/products/a for the module /products).

A more consistent front-end experience

The front end of your website now displays only items (products, news, projects...) that are online and links to update the current page are now displayed only in the admin bar, not anymore on the page itself. This means that your visitors see your website exactly as you (the website administrator) do. Gone are the blue "inline edit" buttons and gone are the red "offline" background indicators.

The admin redesign has been a very important project for us. It brings us to a state were we can improve current and build new features more consistently. We hope that you will enjoy using the news interfaces, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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