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How UGAL works

Nothing to install on your computer

UGAL is a very easy to use software. There is no software, all you need is a web browser to create and update your website.

Login to your website to start making changes

To make changes to your website, click the "Login" link located at the bottom of every page of your website. Enter your email and password to login. You can then manage the structure, content and design of your website right from your web browser.

Pilot your website

Once you are logged into your website, you will see a "Administration bar" at the top of your pages as well and Blue buttons on your pages to indicate content that can be updated.

Easily update your website

1) The Administration bar and its Tabs  - Manage all aspects of your website.

2) Current page properties - Change the properties (for example its name or URL) of the current page.

3) Edit Page - Edit the content of the current page.

4) Widget button - Manage how dynamic content is displayed on the page (eg latest news or featured products).

The Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor is available from the Edit page button on all the pages of your website. You can paste or type content into it. Its toolbar helps with the formatting of your copy and offers many functionalities: upload photos, create links to other pages, embed videos, slideshows or even interactive maps.

Easy to use Rich Text Editor

Once you are done with your changes, click the "Update" button and your changes are automatically published on your website, available for all to see. As simple as that.

Learn more about UGAL

UGAL includes everything you need for your website, always only a few click away: change its design, create new pages, get statistics on your website visits, password protect your pages etc...

Learn more about UGAL by looking at its features, and learn why you should choose UGAL.

Create a website

Try UGAL for free for 30 days

No commitment, no credit card required

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