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Upload photos in batch

June 8, 2010


Upload photos in batch to your web pagesA new version of the photo uploader for the product catalog and the portfolio pages just made it to your website. You can now upload of .zip files containing all your photos, making it much easier to add a bunch of photos to your pages.

The photos are dynamically added to the page as the .zip file is processed, and a report is displayed at the end of the process, showing how many photos were added and how many errors encountered.

The most time consuming part of the process is to actually upload the photos from your computer to your website. The speed of your internet connection is the most important factor there, and we recommend downsizing the photos to 800 pixels before uploading them. UGAL does not need larger files anyways.

Adding photos to your pages

The photo uploader is still available at the same location, under the "Photos" tab of your product or portfolio pages. The difference is that on top of the accepting JPEG, PNG and GIF files, it now accepts ZIP files as well.

Adding photos to a product page

As soon as you click the "Upload file" button, you will be notified of the progress of your upload and you will see the photos appear on the page as they are processed.

Resize your photos before uploading them

For every photo you upload, UGAL automatically creates 5 thumbnails of various sizes. Those thumbnails are used throughout your website, for widgets, slideshows and for the pages themselves. The larger thumbnails created are 800 pixels, and we recommend downsizing your photos to 800 pixels before you upload them. The upload will go much faster.

A number of tools are available to resize your photos, including your favorite photo editor (Google Picasa, Adobe Photoshop etc...). Microsoft has a great utility called "Image Resizer", part of their PowerToys, that allows to quickly resize many photos.


We think that we go the new photo uploader right. It might be however that we missed something with one of the platforms or browsers. Contact us at with any issue or question you might have.

To happy uploads!

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