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Track what happens on your website with the new dashboard

July 8, 2010


We are pleased to announce the availability of a new dashboard for your website. Available to the administrators of the website, the new dashboard is displayed as soon as you login to your website.

Website dashboard showing the latest activity

The dashboard offers a real time view of your website activity (e-commerce orders, news comments etc...) and origin of your visitors. Links to the latest news from UGAL are displayed too, so that you do not miss any new functionality.

Website activity

This section displays the latest activity of your visitors:

  • E-commerce orders
  • News comments
  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscriptions
  • Forum discussions and posts
  • Forum and intranet users activity (account activation and login)
  • Information requests (from products or contact pages)

Real time activity of your website

For each activity UGAL displays (in green) the origin of the visitor: keywords typed in a search engine, or link from another website. When the origin is not indicated, it means that the visitor came directly to your website by entering its address in his web browser.

Visits origin

For a detailed analysis of your website traffic, there is no better tool than Google Analytics. To get a quick glance of where your most recent visits come from, UGAL has implemented a very simple tracking system, showing the origin of your latest visits in real time:

Real time origin of your visitors

The objective is certainly not to replace Google Analytics, but to give you quick access to real time information about your visits. For example, it can be interesting to track your visits in real time just after sending a newsletter or launching an AdWords campaign.

Useful information

We have listed on the right hand side of the page the latest news from UGAL and links to external articles (we surf a lot!) that you might find interesting.

The new dashboard is available now, to all UGAL websites. Simply login to your website and you will be redirected there.


Welcome to the new dashboard!

And as always: email for any question, comment or concern.

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