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Show your products on Facebook

May 3, 2012


A number of customers have asked for a way to show their products on Facebook. UGAL has been updated, and you can now easily display the products of your website directly on your Facebook page.

Logo Facebook

The setup is not as easy as it could be, it is explained below. We are here to help you if you need assistance, simply contact us.

Your Facebook page

A Facebook page is a page that represent your brand and products on Facebook. You are the administrator of your pages, and it is separate from your personal Facebook profile page: your friends on Facebook are not necessarily the same as your page friends.

The goal here is to display your products on a Facebook page. If it is not done yet, head to and create your Facebook page. Facebook will ask for a page type (choose "Brand or product") and for some extra information about your page. Nothing too scary though.

Your Facebook application

In order to display your products on your Facebook page, you are going to create an "iFrame" Facebook application that fetches the products information from UGAL's servers. Nothing to complicated, just a bit lenghty:

  • Go to the Facebook developers website.
  • Click the "Create an application" link at the top right hand side of the page.
  • Give a name to your application, something like "Products". You can leave the other fields to their default values. You might be asked to verify your Facebook account with a mobile phone number. 

You are the redirected to a application configuration page. It looks like this:

Configurez votre application facebook

A few fields need to be populated, the other can be left empty:

App Display Name: Products
Contact email: enter your... email adress

Choose "Page Tab" in the list of options for "Select how your app integrates with Facebook", et populate with the following values (replace "yourname" with the UGAL name of your website, not your custom domain name, it will not work):

Page Tab Name: Products
Page Tab URL:
Secure Page Tab URL:
Page Tab Width: Wide (810px)

Save the changes, and here you go: you have created your first Facebook application and are officially a Facebook developer.

Install your application on your facebook page

Your page and your application are now ready. We still need to link them by installing your application on your page. It is unfortunately a bit more complicated than it should be, contact us if you are having issues for this step. Here are the steps to follow:

Copy the magic URL below and replace the YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_APP_URL variables with your own values:


  • YOUR_APP_ID is the app ID given by Facebook on your application page.
  • YOUR_APP_URL is the URL you gave in the Page Tab URL field. (

Follow this URL and you will see the following diaplg appear:

Ajouter une application sur une page FacebookChoose the Facebook page where the app should go and click the "Add a tab app" button.

That's it !

That's it, your Facebook page now contains a "Products" favorite. Click on it and your products will be shown in the familiar Facebook interface:

Votre application sur une page Facebook

The links go directly to your website, not to Facebook, since the goal is still to drive traffic to your wbesite.

We realize that the setup is not the easiest one, and wish that Facebook had made an effort to make things easier. Do not hesitate in any case to contact us we are here to help you make it work.

This new feature is available to all our customers at no charge. Enjoy!

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