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Shopping cart redesign

March 29, 2011


A redesign of the UGAL shopping cart has recently been introduced. The goals were to make the checkout process easier and to support 2 new functionalities: quantity discounts and multiple price lists.

Shopping cart screenshot

Easier checkout

The new design aims at making it easier and faster for your visitors to find their way through the checkout process. Here is the changes that are introducing:

  • A second checkout button has been added at the top of the page. It fixes the issue where visitors had sometimes to scroll down the page to find the Checkout button.
  • Buttons are now reserved for the "Checkout" action. We used to have buttons for applying a promo code and for updating the cart quantities. They have been replaced by standard links, making both "Checkout" buttons easier to find.
  • We used to display only the line unit price in the cart. We are now displaying both the unit price and the line total, which removes some confusion.

Quantity discounts and multiple pricelists

On top of the redesign this new version of the shopping cart introduces 2 new functionalities:

  • Quantity discounts: lower prices can been defined for different quantity breaks (for example, buy 5 items at a 10% discount).
  • Multiple price lists: on top of the default pricelist available for the public visitors, intranet authenticated users can now be assigned to different pricelists, based on the intranet groups they belong to. This opens the door to a number of applications, including private sales and business to business sales.

Shopping cart with line discount

The new functionalities are not enabled by default on your website. We are currently beta testing them with customers that expressed interest, contact us to participate.

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