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Rich Text Editor updated

May 17, 2011


UGAL uses a customized version of tinyMCE for its Rich Text Editor. They recently released version 3.4. We decided to wait a few weeks for the last bugs to be worked out and have now upgraded UGAL to use the newest tinyMCE version (3.4.2).

tinyMCE screenshot

This new version comes with important good news:

  • Embedding media now works flawlessly, regardless of the source of the media (YouTube, Daily Motion, Flash files). We have yet to find a media source for which we have issues.
  • The editor is using new internal engines which makes it impossible to produce non XML compliant HTML code. This is very important for SEO: whatever you throw at the text editor will be converted to standard compliant code. Search engines will like UGAL even more.

Visit the tinyMCE changelog for more details on the many changes coming with this version.

Changes made by UGAL

As usual, we have revisited most of the interfaces and removed the many options that are not useful. Expert users always have the option to update HTML code directly using the HTML button of the editor.

We retired our own UGAL media plugin. Instead we are now using the standard tinyMCE media plugin. It supports all formats, including the new embed version of YouTube movies. To embed a video, simply paste the code given by the provider in the "Embed Code tab":

TinyMCE media plugin

Our image plugin (allows to upload photos directly instead of having to browse a library of old photos) has been modified to use large size photos to avoid downsizing photos by mistake.

Our Flickr slideshow plugin has been removed. It was not used much, caused maintenance nightmares and its functionality is now available within the media plugin. One less button, same functionality, we could not say no!

Thank you tinyMCE

We owe the tinyMCE team a big thank you. Release after release they prove that tinyMCE is the best javascript text editor out there.

Enjoy and feedback!

We tested extensively our implementation of tinyMCE, using the most common web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and platforms (Windows, Mac OS) and will appreciate if you can contact us with any issue we might have missed.

Happy text editing!

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