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Prices and pricelists management for e-commerce websites

May 4, 2012


Good news for the e-commerce websites created with UGAL: a new feature to manage your prices and pricelists just made it to our servers. Available from the "Store" tab of your website, the "Prices" menu allows to import/export prices and to manage pricelists:

Prices and Pricelists management

Pricelist management: made for b2b and private sales

From the "Manage pricelists" link, you have the option to maintain as many different pricelist as you need. Each pricelists can then be associated to one or more user group, granting access to special prices for the users you invite in that group:

Associate a pricelist to a group of users

Note: since users can belong to multiple group, they have potentially access to multiple pricelists. When this is the case, UGAL always offers them the cheapest price they have access to.

Easy prices import / export

Exporting all current prices of your e-commerce website is now super easy: click the "Export prices" link and UGAL responds with an Excel file contain all the prices for all the pricelists of your store.

We have made importing prices pretty easy too. From the "Import prices" page, you can import prices for any of your pricelists. The format UGAL expect for the data is bunch of 3 column TAB delimited lines, one line per price. You can easily obtain such data by copying the columns of an Excel or Google Spreadsheet document and pasting it on the web page:

1. Copy From Excel:

Copy prices from an Excel spreadsheet

2. Paste the data to your website:

Import prices to your website

Click the "Review Data" link and UGAL will display how the prices will be imported to your website, with the option to correct the lines for which issues have been found. That's it, in a very few clicks, you have imported a complete pricelist from Excel to your website.

Feedback time!

More or more e-commerce websites hosted on UGAL have 200+ products. Maintaining them requires more sophisticated tools than the ones used by websites with less products. That is why we are looking forward to providing you with more "batch" utilities like the ones above: please send your feedback and requests!

Comment by jayshri

August 28, 2015 at 10:22 PM

how to export

Comment by Jean

August 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Click the "Export prices" link at /a/shop/items. You will get a complete export of your prices.

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