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Photos and slideshows

March 4, 2008


Product Catalogs and Portfolios are among the first pages to benefit from the new interface, with new and improved photo management features:

  • Uploading photos is now much easier.
  • Photos can be re-ordered by single drag and drop.
  • Legends can be attached to photos.
  • Photos can be displayed in a slideshow.

When editing a product or a project, there is now a "Photos" tab dedicated to the management of the associated photos:

Edit product photos

Improved photo upload

A number of improvements in the upload department:

  • Uploads now happens in the background and are faster than before.
  • The thumbnails that are automatically created are of better quality than in the past.
  • Both .GIF and .JPEG files can be uploaded.

Add legends

You can attach a legend to a photo at the time you upload it, or modify it once the photo is uploaded:

Add legends to your photos
UGAL uses the legend you enter for the ALT (ALTernate) HTML attribute of your images. It is the text displayed in placed of the photo when it is not available. Originally designed to help visually impaired visitors, this attribute is used as well by search engines to "understand" the content of your photos. Makes sure to use it!

Arrange your photos

The pictures used to be displayed in the order they were uploaded. This limitation is now lifted with a drag and drop interface that allows to re-arrange the photos very easily by dropping them to their new position:

Drag and drop photos to re-order them


Now that you have worked hard to upload, describe and arrange your photos, you can select to display them in a slideshow. Three slideshow sizes are available (400, 600 and 800 pixels). However, unless your application requires to show a lot of details, we do not recommend the larger slideshows: the photos take longer to download, and they do not fit on every screen size.

Here is a product page with a slideshow.

Existing content migrated

The existing product catalogs and portfolios have all been set to use the new interface and medium sized slideshows. Contact us at if you'd like to change this default setting for your entire product catalog or portfolio (it will be faster than manually updating each product or project).



Comment by Peter

March 4, 2008 at 02:44 PM

I was wondering what happened to my website this morning when I checked it out. Thanks a lot and congrats for the new features, they're awesome!

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