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Ogone available on UGAL

February 23, 2010


Ogone LogoOgone is now available "out of the box" as a payment service for all UGAL e-commerce websites.

Ogone is one of the leading European Payment Service Providers with more than 20.000 clients across 35 countries. Connected to more than 100 banks, it is an excellent choice for our European customers outgrowing Paypal.

Adding Ogone as a payment service on your website

In order to start using Ogone as a payment service for your website, you will need to:

  1. Open and configure a test account with Ogone. Follow the "Sign Up Now" link on Ogone's home page.
  2. Tell your website about your new Ogone account. This is done from your store settings page, where you select the payment options you want to use:

Setup Ogone as a payment processor

The settings are not as complicated as they look:

  • The Ogone PSPID is the identifier you chose on Ogone when you created your account there.
  • The environment variable instructs UGAL to send your transactions to either of Ogone's environment. Set it to test as first to validate your setup and to production once you are ready to take real life orders.
  • The value of the operation field tells Ogone to get an authorization only from your shopper's bank (you will need to capture this authorization within a few days for the funds to hit your bank account), or to actually debit from the shopper's account the amount of the order immediately.
  • The SHA-IN and SHA-OUT are 2 arbitratry length strings. They should match the strings of the same name that you have defined when creating your account with Ogone. The first string is used by Ogone to validate the payment request it receives from UGAL, the second string is used by UGAL to validate the payment notification it receives from Ogone. You should keep the values of those strings secret.

It is probably not a setup you will want to modify very frequently. That's why we will be more than happy to help you setup your Ogone account and complete the integration with UGAL. Simply let us know.

Other payment services available on UGAL soon

Ogone fits very well the needs of many of our European based e-commerce customers. We are looking forward to adding US specific payment solutions in the near future. Contact us if there is a payment soltuion you are interested in working with, we will make sure to consider it.

Welcome to UGAL, Ogone!

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