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New text editor: safely paste from Word

September 25, 2009


Microsoft Word logoA new version of the Rich Text Editor used to manage the content of your pages just made it to our servers and to your website. A number of bug fixes are included, and a great new feature: you can now safely paste content from Microsoft Word directly into the text editor. Yes, safely paste from Word. Gone is the "Paste from Word" button!

The update includes as well a new media plugin to better manage your videos, Flash and mp3 files.

The issue with pasting content from Word

Many users of UGAL use Word to prepare the content of their website and copy/paste it to their web pages when it is ready. The problem is that such copied content contains a lot of formatting instructions used by Word that are not compatible with the web (HTML). Pasting Word content directly into the text editor resulted in very inconsistent results, depending on the browser used to visit the page.

The fix so far was the "Paste From Word" button. It worked fine, but was not a good enough solution as it relied on the user not forgetting about using the extra step when pasting. The new version of the Text Editor removes this annoyance, and the content you paste is now automatically cleaned from unwanted formatting, regardless of its origin.

The UGAL text editor is a modified version of tinyMCE, an open source project managed by the folks at As always, big thumbs up to the tinyMCE team who keep amazing us with new releases and bug fixes. Thank you, tinyMCE.

The new media plugin

Today's update includes as well a new "media plugin" to manage videos and other Flash content that you want to included in your web pages. This new plugin consolidates and improves the old "Video" and "Flash" plugins.

Future improvements

Because it is used for every page of your website (news, projects, products etc...), the Rich Text Editor is at the core of UGAL's content management solution. It is the tool that allows you to create web pages without knowing one word of HTML. We will keep following the tinyMCE upgrade path as well on keep building and improving UGAL specific features, like the media plugin, the map plugin or the Flickr plugin.

Contact with your ideas and needs for the Rich Text Editor.

To easier content management and to safer paste from Word!

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