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New navigation bar management and sub-menus

June 25, 2009


We are very happy to announce that the navigation bar for your website now supports sub-menus.

Sub-menus appear magically underneath the main menu item as soon as the mouse hovers over them.

We took advantage of time spent on this new feature to redesign the tools for managing your website navigation bars.

Manage your navigation bar

The redesigned navigation bar management tools are located in the "Settings" tab of your website:

  • Login to your website
  • Click the "Settings" tab
  • Click the "Navigation Bars" link.

From there you will be able to manage both the main (top or left hand side) and the bottom navigation bar for your website. Only the main navigation bar supports sub-menus. Here is how it looks for the menus in the screen shot above:

Navigation bar management

Re-ordering menus and submenus in the navigation bar is done by simple drag and dropping them. They can be renamed or deleted from the menu from here as well.

Add a link to your navigation bar

Click the "Add a Link" link to add a new item to the navigation bar:

Add a link to your navigation barOnce you have entered a title for the link, select its destination (either an existing page of your website, or enter the URL for any page, it does not have to be on your website) and choose if you want the link to be a main link or if it should be a sub-menu.

Click the button and the new link is created.

Sub-menus work with all UGAL themes - custom themes beware

The free website themes available by default for your website have been tweaked to support the sub-menus functionality.

However, if you are a using a custom theme for your website, the sub-menus will not work right out of the box. Contact us and we will be happy to modify your custom theme to support the sub-menus. The UGAL CSS design kit will be updated soon with support for the new sub-menus.

Happy menus and sub-menus!

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