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Linked products

January 11, 2013


UGAL's product catalogs have just been updated with a new functionality: linked products. Linked products are links to other products that are displayed at the bottom of a product page under a "See also" header:

Linked products output

Linked products can be used for example for a list of accessories, or a list of other products that visitors of a page should consider.

Manage linked products

When you edit a product, a new tab is available to manage its linked products:

Linked products management

To add a new linked product:

  • Search for the product to link on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click its name on the list to link the selected product.

Once you have linked a few products, you can change their display order by drag and dropping them on the left hand side of the page.

Linked products display options

Two options are available to display links products on the product page: with or without photos. To change the setting, head over to the product catalog properties page, and choose the display style you'd like to use:

Options for linked products

Attention custom themes

The HTML output for linked products requires a few lines of CSS code to display properly. All UGAL standard themes have been updated to support linked products, but if you use a custom theme fro your website, it needs to be brought up to speed. Drop us a line at for assistance updating your custom theme.

This is our first functionality update of 2013. We hope that you will like it!

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