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Invite other website administrators

June 24, 2008


Another often requested feature just made to our servers and is available for your website: you can invite others to become administrators of your website. Gone are the days of sharing the same password between collaborators!

List of website administrators

How to invite an administrator?

  • Login to your website and go to the "Your Account" tab. The page shows a new "Website Administrators" section, where your name is listed.
  • Click on the "Invite a new Website Administrator" link.
  • Fill in the form with the name and email of the Administrator to invite.
Invite a website administrator
An email will be sent at the address you specify with a link to activate the administrator account.

What can the other administrators do?

Once their account is activated, new administrators can login to your website and use UGAL to make changes to your website, just like you:
  • Update the website's content and add or remove pages.
  • Change the design, layout and other settings of the website
  • Send newsletters or manage your online store orders.

Note that the administrators you invite do not have access to the "My Account" tab, only you do. It means that they are not be able to:

  • change your website plan,
  • change your billing information,
  • invite others to become administrators or manage other administrators accounts.

Multiple administrators is a handy feature for your colleagues and collaborators. It gives the recipients pretty much full access to the UGAL content management system, make sure to invite only people you trust!

The feature is available now, for free, for all UGAL websites.

What is next? Are you interested in an intranet?

On top of the multiple administrator feature, we have build and are beta testing an Intranet functionality. It allows you to password protect the parts of your website that you do not want everybody to see and to give access rights to only members you invite. Let us know ( if you are interested in testing the intranet functionality. It is free as we are testing it, and there will be an extra monthly charge for the option once it becomes available to everybody.

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