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Introducing the SEO tab

June 6, 2012


Properly optimizing your pages for the search engines is the result of many little details done right. UGAL follows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices, but there was an area where we were lacking: the title and the meta description could not be individually set for each page.

We are introducing today the "SEO" tab to allow just this:

Optimize your pages with the SEO tab

The title tag

The title tag of your pages is key in optimizing your website for search engines. By default UGAL generates it from the title you give to the page, which works well in most cases. For the few cases where you want to overwrite this default behavior, you can now specify the title tag to use on a page per page basis.

The meta description

The meta description is invisible to visitors browsing your website (it is included in the <head> section of the html code produced for your website, which is not displayed by the web browsers). It is mostly made for search engines, who use it for indexing your pages and for the snippets seen in search engine result pages:

Search engine result page snippet

Up to now UGAL let you specify a unique meta description that was used for all the pages of your website. Search engine ended up using this unique meta description only for the snippet of your home page. The snippet for the other pages would be extracted from the content of the page.

You can now specify a meta description on a page per page basis, which might help improve your rankings and gives you better control over the snippet displayed on search engine result pages.

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