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E-commerce tracking with Universal Analytics

April 16, 2014


Good things going on today with the availability of a much better Universal Analytics integration for our e-commerce websites.

Using Analytics measurement protocol, UGAL is now able to always report confirmed orders to Analytics, regardless of where the order payment happened (onsite or with a payment processor). Confirmed orders pageviews are now sent to Google's servers even if the customer does not return on your website after completing an external payment.

E-commerce conversion rate measured by Analytics

Analytics e-commerce conversion rate evolution

Also, UGAL now gives you the option to share your e-commerce data with Analytics. If you want to, UGAL will send anonymized order information to Google's server so that you can use Universal Analytics interface to analyze your sales. All websites have been configured to NOT send e-commerce data to Analytics by default.

Upgrade first

Everything below is available only if you use Universal Analytics. If you have not done so yet, we strongly recommend that you update your Google Analytics account to Universal Analytics. You will not loose any of your data and only benefit from new functionalities. The upgrade process is simple and we are here to help if needed.

E-commerce funnel

E-commerce funnels are implemented with Google Analytics through pageviews. During a typical order, UGAL sends the following page views to Analytics:

  1. /shop/viewCart
    Sent from the shopping cart page.
  2. /shop/checkout
    Sent from the checkout page.
  3. /shop/reviewOrder
    Sent from the order review page.
  4. /shop/confirmOrder
    Sent as soon as the order is confirmed, via the measurement protocol.

The goal is to reach /shop/confirmOrder (step4) and we recommend using steps 1, 2 and 3 to define an e-commerce funnel:

Analytics funnel definition

Analytics e-commerce funnel definition

Click to setup this goal and funnel in your Analytics account.

Once you have defined a goal, Analytics will automatically calculate your conversion rates.

04/22/2014 update - in order to poduce valid conversion rates between the "Review Order" step and the "Confirm Order" goal, the extra /shop/redirectToPay/{processor} and /shop/thankYou pageviews have been removed. Instead, UGAL now sends the corresponding Analytics events : order/redirectToPay and order/thankYou. You might want to use those events to track conversion rates for each payment processor.

E-commerce tracking

A new setting in UGAL allows you to opt-in to send transaction data with Google. From the "Settings" tab of your website, click the "Google services" link. A new checkbox allows you to opt-in to send order data to Analytics:

Opt-in to e-commerce data to Analytics

Opt-in to send e-commerce order data to Analytics

Finally, you need to configure Analytics for e-commerce tracking. Go the "View Setting" page in Analytics and turn e-commerce tracking on:

Enable e-commerce tracking in Analytics

Enable e-commerce tracking in Analytics

Once the setup is complete, your order information will appear in Analytics, giving you access to a wide range of tools to analyse your sales data.

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September 18, 2014 at 11:46 PM

You’ve gone through all the hard work to get a visitor to add items to their cart, here’s how to get more people to purchase.

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