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Display your FAQs as knowledge base

August 23, 2011


We had a limitation on our French website, where the number of FAQs was becoming too important for the usual FAQs display mode. Instead of a specific development that only UGAL could have used, we have updated the standard FAQs pages with a new "Knowledge base" display mode:

Display your FAQs as a knowledge base

To activate the FAQs Knowledge Base display, go to the page properties and select this new display mode:

Choose Knowledge Base display for your FAQs

Questions are then displayed in a list, with links to individual pages for each question. 

The initial list shows the most frequent questions, and you can navigate questions by categories or by using the search engine on top of the page. Questions are displayed the same way, regardless of the navigation mode.

Frequent questions

A new "Frequent question" field is available when you edit a FAQ. Questions marked as "Frequent" are the one displayed in the initial list of questions.

Rate your questions

FAQs can now be rated, from 1 to 5, the same way products can be. Higher rated questions are always listed first.

Good for users, good for search engines

Using the "Knowledge Base" display, each question has its own page - other display modes display a list of questions and answers on the same page.

The change has at least 2 benefits:

  • It becomes very easy to communicate an answer to a question to your users, in an email for example.
  • Search engines can now better understand and index each question, as it has its own context (page), not mixed in a list with other questions and answers.

The knowledge base is a nice evolution for the standard FAQ. Contact us if you find it useful, we will help you implement it on your website, a few lines of CSS code are needed to perfect their display.

Time for us to write more FAQs in English :-)

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