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Destination based shipping charges

March 18, 2010


UGAL e-commerce websites now have the ability to quote shipping charges based on the destination of the order.

Shipping Destinations setup

You can select which countries and US regions you agree to ship to, and how shipping charges should be calculated for each destination. For US based shops, domestic shipping has been split in 3 regions: Continental, Alaska and Hawaii.

Shipping charges calculations

Up to now UGAL gave you the 3 options to calculate shipping charges:

  • By product class and by individual product.
  • As a percentage of the order total.
  • As a fixed amount depending on the order total.

The destination is a new parameter in the shipping charges calculation. For each destination you agree to ship to, you can define a percentage markup to add to your standard shipping charges:

Select and configure shipping destinations

In the example above, a 20% markup is applied on top of the US-continental shipping charges for orders going to Alaska and Hawaii.

International shipping works the same way and you can define a markup for each country you agree to ship to. We have defined a pretty long list of countries, they are organized by geographical region in your shop setting pages.


  • If you did set a minimum and maximum shipping charge for your online store, the shipping markup applies to them.
  • If your shop is set to use VAT instead of Sales Tax, you can choose whether to apply or not VAT for each destination.

The Shipping destinations management tool is available from the "Store" tab of your website, by clicking on the "Setting" link.

Displaying shipping charges on the shopping cart page

Once you have set multiple shipping destinations, your shopping cart will display those choices to your visitors. When changing the destination, the associated shipping charges are immediately available:

Showing the shipping charges on the shopping cart

Letting your customers know up front where you ship and how much they will be charged is important. Too many e-commerce site display the information only at the end of the checkout process, which causes a lot of frustration.

Fast checkout

On the checkout page, the country is now a new field of the addresses detail:

  • Only the countries you agree to ship to are available for the shipping address.
  • All countries are available for the billing address.

The destination defined on the checkout page can be different than the one that was set on the shopping cart page. The order confirmation page recomputes all shipping charges and displays the order exactly as it will be taken before the shopper can proceed with the order payment:

Order review page

Happy shipping!

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