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January 8, 2009


Big day for UGAL today. After many months of development and testing, we are happy to bring live a new feature for your website: Intranets.

An option for all our customers (planA, planB and planC), Intranets allow you to protect your entire website or portions of it and give it "member only" access.

What is an intranet and what can you do with it?

Simply put, an intranet is a website that is not available to the public and requires visitors to authenticate (usually with a username and password) to view or manage the website content.

Intranet login form

It used to be that only large corporations could afford intranets, but solutions like UGAL now bring them to the masses, at a fraction of their usual cost.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Intranet option on your UGAL website:

  • Run a community website. By protecting your entire website and give access to members only, you know that your content will be visible only to people you know. What happens on your website stays on your website.
  • If you have multiple authors writing for your blog, you give them access to manage their own news only. Not everybody needs to be an administrator anymore to manage the content of your website.
  • Offer access to premium content only to your preferred customers. Examples include confidential content, content that you prefer to charge for, or content that should be seen by customers only.
  • A combination of the above: UGAL's intranet are flexible enough that you can control who sees and who can manage the content of any page of your website.

How does it work with UGAL?

Once the Intranet option is activated for your website, website administrators see a new "Intranet" tab of top of their pages:

Intranet Management Tab

A lot can be done from this page. The various functionalities are described in details in the new Intranet feature page.

In short:

  • Any page of your website can be protected by the Intranet. You can set it to be public (everybody can see it) or private (only members can see it), and you can define additional access rights (Create news) for each member group.
  • Inviting a member sends her an email with a personalized link to activate her account on your website.
  • Members of the Intranet inherit their access rights (e.g. Create news) from the groups they belong to.
  • Once logged into the website, members see the same Blue Buttons (e.g. Create a news) to manage the content of the website, wherever they have the right to.

As usual, UGAL does not enforce any limits on your use of the feature: you can invite as many members and create as many groups as you'd like.

Where do I start?

The Intranet feature is an $20 option for any UGAL website, regardless of your website plan. You will not be charged until your next billing cycle (or until your 30 day website trial ends), so we encourage you to give the Intranet option a spin. You can start activating it from the "Account" tab of your website. There is short wizard to help you create the initial configuration, and as usual, we are listening at

Happy intranets!

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Try UGAL for free for 30 days

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