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December 14, 2007


Use categories for your blog

UGAL news pages have supported automatic RSS feeds and visitors comments from the start. We just added the features that were missing to be able to create a blog. So, here we go, the news pages now allow you to:

  • Create and maintain content categories
  • Display links to the categories from the sidebar
  • Maintain a blogroll (links to blogs or site you follow)
  • Display an "About this blog" area to present your blog

Icing on the cake, the content categories and the blog layout can be managed using a very simple drag and drop interface:

Easily manage the categories of your blog


How to convert your news pages to a blog:

Manage the layout of your blog There is really not much to it:

  1. You can create the categories while you edit the news (go to the news page, click on the blue EDIT link).
  2. You can edit the layout of your news pages blog by clicking on the blue LAYOUT link on top of the blog. You can then drag and drop the layout elements (list of categories, Blogroll, About Us) where you want them displayed on the page.

That's it, you have a blog!

About widgets

A number of blogs insert "widgets" on the side of their pages. Widgets are content areas provided by third parties. They allow for example to display your Netflix queue, weather information for your location, or Google Ads directly on your blog. UGAL does not support widgets at this point: we didn't think that they would be a good choice for our small business customers. We are however open to any suggestion, so please contact us or leave a comment below if there is a widget you'd like on your blog.

Enjoy the blogs!

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