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October 29, 2009


We just introduced a new feature to UGAL: search. It lets your visitors quickly find the content they are looking for.

Website search box

Enabling search for your website is easy, it takes 2 clicks. And your content has already been indexed, so it is ready to be searched.

How does UGAL search work

UGAL search is simple and works the way your visitors have become used to search engines over the years:

  • A simple search box - located at the top right hand side of your pages.
  • A simple search result page, showing best matches first and linking to the individual results.

That's it. No advanced searches, no boolean queries, no search within search results. Nobody uses those.

How to implement search on my website

The search engine is available for all UGAL websites, regardless of their plan. Your content has already been indexed, so all you have to do is to visit the "Settings" tab of your website and click the "Search Engine" link. Check the box, click update and search is available on your website.

Custom themes warning

All the UGAL free website themes have been updated to support search. If you use a custom theme (design) for your website, a few lines of css code need to be added to your custom theme. It will work without it, but it will not look perfectly right.

So, if you use a custom theme, contact UGAL before you enable search on your website.

Websites with the intranet option

The search functionality is compatible with the Intranet option, and only pages for which the current user has at least read access will be shown.

Search is an important new feature for your website. We will write more about it here and in our blog in the next few days. In the mean time, as always, contact us with any questions.

Happy searching... and finding!

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Try UGAL for free for 30 days

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