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A new interface for updating content

June 6, 2012


Since UGAL launched we have been pretty busy adding new features to our content management system, but the interfaces to update your content did not change much. It was time to work on it, and we are very excited to launch today a new interface that makes content management on UGAL even easier and a little bit prettier:

The new UGAL content update interface

New pages management interface

We have consolidated the content and the property management for the pages (product catalogs, news pages etc...) deployed on your website and all attributes of your pages are now manageable from the same place. Gone is the "Page properties" link that was difficult to find and whose purpose was conflicting with the "Edit page" link. Content and properties are now all managed from the "Edit page" link.

This simple change makes UGAL much easier to use, specially for people who discover our solution for the first time. It is very useful too when adding new pages to a website, since there is no need to visit multiple pages to configure it.

New content management interface

The content management interface for products, projects, news, FAQs and events has been revised as well, they now all include the following 4 tabs:

  • First tab to enter the content and content related properties (categories, specifications etc...)
  • Second tab for the SEO specific properties.
  • Third tab to manage the photos associated with the item.
  • Fourth tab to manage the documents associated the item.

For e-commerce websites there is an additional tab to manage the options and prices associated with the product.

New interface to add pages to your website

The interface to add new pages to a website needed a new coat of paint as well. It is now more friendly and shows much better the types of pages that can be added to a website:

Interface to add pages to a website

We hope that you like those changes as much as we do. Do not hesitate to share your feedback, and to let us know of other interface improvements that you can think of. Our goal is to always make it easier to manage your website and its content.

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