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July 4, 2007


We are changing domain name, and our websites are now accessible in the much more popular .com domain name space as logo

What does it change for your website? NOT MUCH!

If you are an active customer, chances are that you are already using your own domain name for your website (remember, we register and maintain one .com, .net or .org domain name for free with any active website) and that you use it to promote your business. So the only thing that will change is the "login" link at the bottom of the pages of your site that will now go to

If for any reason someone bookmarked a link to your website using, she will be automatically redirected to the corresponding URL. The same applies for search engines (we implemented what is called http 301 permanent redirects).

If you are still enjoying the 30 day free trial of UGAL, not much will change either, since the same redirects to are implemented.

Why the change?

When we started working on what was then a "project", was not available, so we decided to give it a shot with the .net suffix. Since then, we have always felt like we were missing something. We grew frustrated of having to correct people referring to us a We missed some emails because people where sending them to instead of Customers were looking for their website at With picking up, we felt that the timing was good to invest in the domain name. So we decided to buy it from its original registrant. was owned by a company that does a business of registering hundreds of domain names for less than $10 with the hope of reselling a few of them for many multiples of that price. We have our own feelings about the practice (lame squatters, where is the added value?), but it's one of the games of the Internet, and we had no choice but to play with it. We got lucky in the process to find the registrant to be honest and to transfer the domain name as soon as the money reached his PayPal account.

So here we go, we are now

Comment by Ben

August 23, 2007 at 04:50 PM

So... how much did you pay for the domain name?

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