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June 30, 2007


UGAL Online Store LogoWe just added a new functionality to the UGAL platform: the Online Store. With the Online Store, you can start selling any product from your website in a matter of minutes. By voluntarily putting aside some features of the most advanced e-commerce solutions, UGAL keeps your Online Store easy to maintain and easy for your visitors to shop on. It has been designed to fit the needs of our small business customers.

For you:

The management interface is typical of the UGAL philosophy: easy to access, easy to use. The new "Store" tab in the dashboard bar gives you direct access to a list of your sales, with a pleasant interface to manage their status (from new to shipped and canceled). Your store settings (things like shipping, taxes and checkout options) are only one click away, from the same location.

The initial release of the Online Store includes features such as:

  • Pricing management: define a regular and an optional sale price for each product.
  • Shipping management: shipping charges can be defined per product, per product classes (e.g. bicycles), as a percentage of the order total, or as a function of the order total. Shipping charges limits allow to put minimum and maximum limits on shipping charges and/or offer free shipping over a certain order amount.
  • Checkout can be either conducted on your site (your visitors fill in a form with their contact information, you contact them back to arrange for the payment of their order) or can be seamlessly integrated with PayPal (does not require your customers to have a PayPal account).
  • Inventory management: as soon as product inventory reaches zero, the "Add to cart" button disappears from the product page. The feature greatly reduces the risk of over selling the same item, specially if you have very limited inventory of the same item.
  • Nope, we did not forget about taxes. Depending on your location, your store will be setup to use either tax system: VAT for European based stores, Sales Tax for the US based ones.

For your customers:

E-commerce leaders have conducted (and financed) many usability studies over the last 10 years. By implementing their findings on large scale websites, they have defined what are now considered "e-commerce best practices". UGAL implements those best practices, helping make your visitors feel comfortable when they shop on your website. A few examples:Checkout from Shopping Cart Page

  • The "Add to cart" button is placed right under the item's description, just before its description, so it can be seen without having to scroll down.
  • The shopping cart page is very clear, easy to read and includes shipping charges.
  • The checkout button is right where shoppers expect it: at the right hand side of the page.
  • There is a large text zone on the shopping cart page that you can easily edit to include information that will help your customers feel secure: a phone number, an email address, a link to your online sales policies. Use it at your advantage to help your visitors build trust with your Online Store.
  • The checkout process needs to be fast and efficient, you don't want to loose a sale at this point. Because there is little added value asking your shoppers to create an account with a password, we simply do not ask for such things.
  • With PayPal, you can offer a secure checkout that is familiar to your visitors. And nope, PayPal does not require your customers to have a PayPal account to be able to pay you. They can simply use their credit card, and the funds will go directly into your PayPal account.

How much does cost?

The online shop is FREE with any website that has a product catalog (the $49 per month plan). Unlike many other solutions, UGAL does not take any commission on your online sales. Your products, your sales.

How does it work?

To add an Online Store to your website, go to the "Pages" tab of the dashboard bar, select "Add Pages", select "Online Store" for the type of pages and UGAL will help you through the rest of the setup. A few more clicks, and here you go, you have a fully functional Online Store ready to take orders for you!

Happy Sales!

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