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Rich Text Editor

April 18, 2007


Great news: a new Rich Text Editor was just deployed to our servers. Edit any page of your website and you will see it in action. Many, if not all, of the nagging issues that you were experiencing with the previous editor should be history.

TinyMCE menu

First, the credits:

We did not develop the text editor ourselves - it would be a full time job by itself. Instead, we have implemented TinyMCE, an open source project maintained by the very smart people of MoxieCode. Thank you MoxieCode, you are doing an impressive job not only at writing the cleanest code but at building a very active community around the project. Thanks a lot.

Features at a Glance:

On top of the standard features found in most text editors (text formatting, text alignment, bullet points, links), we have chosen to deploy a few extra ones:

  • HTML tables (the first set of icons on the second row of the text editor). For the presentation of tabular data, like menus for restaurants, price lists for service providers etc...
  • Paste from Word: copy and paste text from Microsoft Word.
  • Anchors: create an anchor at a specific spot on a page, and link directly to that spot either from the same page, or from any other page of your website.
  • Spell checking: available to Firefox users only, your copy is checked while you type it.

As well as a few functionalities that we developed in-house and that are specific to UGAL (yes, we still did a bit of work):

  • The image component lets you choose an image from your computer and automatically resizes it once it is uploaded on the server.
  • The Webmedia component allows to easily insert YouTube Videos, DailyMotion Videos, Flickr Slideshows and Google Maps. We believe that UGAL is the only CMS to seamlessly integrate Flickr slide shows and Google Maps. A world premiere!

Web Media - Google Map

The use of the editor should be pretty self-explanatory. We will detail the entire feature set in the next few days, but please contact us with your questions or to report an issue that you might encounter.

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