E-commerce tracking with Universal Analytics

April 16, 2014


Good things going on today with the availability of a much better Universal Analytics integration for our e-commerce websites.

Using Analytics measurement protocol, UGAL is now able to always report confirmed orders to Analytics, regardless of where the order payment happened (onsite or with a payment processor). Confirmed orders pageviews are now sent to Google's servers even if the customer does not return on your website after completing an external payment.

E-commerce conversion rate measured by Analytics

Analytics e-commerce conversion rate evolution

Also, UGAL now gives you the option to share your e-commerce data with Analytics. If you want to, UGAL will send anonymized order information to Google's server so that you can use Universal Analytics interface to analyze your sales. All websites have been configured to NOT send e-commerce data to Analytics by default.


Universal Analytics events

April 10, 2014


With the recent support for Universal Analytics, it is a good time to start supporting more Analytics features to give you an even better idea of how your visitors interact with your website.

We start today with support for Analytics Events and we get ready for e-commerce related changes coming very soon.


Universal Analytics

April 9, 2014


Google is in the process of upgrading Google Analytics to a new platform called Universal Analytics. The new platform introduces a set of features that change the way data is collected and organized in your Google Analytics account.

Universal Analytics logo

Universal Analytics

We have updated UGAL with support for the new Universal Analytics, here is a 2 step guide on how to update your website so that it takes advantage of the new features.


Text Editor update

March 26, 2014


UGAL's text editor was just updated to use the latest version of tinyMCE, 4.0.20. We were a bit behind with upgrading and this new version of our text editor brings a number of improvement and bug fixes.

Text editor update

UGAL's new text editor


Orders and customer accounts

February 20, 2014


Good news for the e-commerce websites created with UGAL: UGAL was just updated with new order and customer account features.

Your account page with order history

Account page with order history

Infrastructure upgrade

February 19, 2014


The server infrastructure that powers UGAL has been upgraded over the last 2 months. It was an important project for us, and we wanted to take the time to have solid data before reporting any results.

The time someone waits for a web page to display includes time spent by web servers for building the page. Faster response times are always better, for the experience of your visitors and for search engines (site speed is one of the factors used by search engines to rank websites). Our goal with this upgrade was to optimize our current infrastructure to reduce our processing times.

UGAL response time

UGAL average response time before and after the January 28th upgrade


Unlimited HTML newsletters

November 18, 2013


A few days ago, we deployed on our servers one of the most important feature of the last few years: unlimited HTML newsletters. Yes, unlimited and HTML :-)

Send HTML newsletters

Newsletters are a very important because they are so efficient at broadcasting your message to your website audience (prospects, customers, fans, members...). That's why UGAL has had the feature for a pretty long time and why we are so happy to finally be able to support HTML newsletters.


HTML in newsletters !

September 30, 2013


Here we go with our first stride with HTML newsletters. You can now create and send newsletters containing basic HTML formatting: titles, paragraphs, links as well as text formatting (bold, italic, lists).

HTML newsletter example


Newsletter lists auto-population

September 23, 2013


After launching the newsletter lists last week, we quickly realized (thanks for the feedback !) that we were missing a critical functionality: the ability to automatically assign subscribers to one or more list, based on their origin. So here we go, subscribers can now be automatically be assigned to lists:

Choose how to populate your newsletter lists


Newsletter module updates

September 12, 2013


UGAL newsletter moduleWe are happy to announce that our newsletter module (available to Business and E-commerce plans) was just updated. The newsletter module now supports lists management, subscriber history and newsletter history.

More changes to the newsletter module are coming soon, help us out and give us your feedback !

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